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Mind our dust this page is an active constructive zone. Click a link and you might fall in.
Some knowledge just doesn't fit on my blog. Maybe it needs to be frequently updated or there is dynamic content involved or it needs the benefit of the library's organized index. Whatever the particular reason might be I have created the library here for that purpose. The library also serves as a repository for technical notes.


Software Engineering
*Algorithm Research - The practice of designing algorithms and researching what algorithms are the most appropriate to research to solve a particular problem and to determine how the research work should be conducted.
*A study of special interest mathematics - such as interview questions.
*Documenting Software - Test Documentation, Code Comments, Technical Research Notes, Refactoring ...
*Test Methodologies - Unit Testing, User View Testing, Dependency Testing (The Big Three), Designing Tests, Using Test Frameworks to Produce testing documentation.
*Coding Standards: Coding Style, Line Length Limit, Readable Code, Etcetera
Specialty Areas of Knowledge
*Distributed and Parallel Computing - Distributed Computing, Parallel Algorithms, Associated Networking Protocols.